We offer the following catering items. 
Requests can be made by emailing us at info@loveysteashoppe.com.
All orders are subject to availability and must be made 7 days in advance.


Tea Sandwiches* - $4.50

(4 quarters per sandwich)

Ask us about this month's sandwich selections.
Scones - $3.25 each 

Select from the following flavors: Currant; Lemon Ginger; Cranberry Apricot; Honey Pecan

 Clotted Cream $9.95 (Serves 6-10)

Raspberry Preserves - $9.95 (Serves 10)

Crumpets - $2.25 ea.
(Please note, crumpets must be toasted)
Meyer Lemon Curd  - $9.95
(Serves 10) 

Petits Fours - $2.95 ea.

Organic Mixed Green Salad w/Walnuts, Mandarins and Balsamic-Dijon Vinaigrette - $25.00  (Serves 20)

Tea Selections: - https://www.loveysteashoppe.com/tea-selections

Assorted Mismatched Tea Cups and Saucers

$2.00 per set
Assorted Plates -.$1.00 each
6-Cup Tea Pots w/Strainers - $5 each 
Serving Tiers - $15.00 each 

Mismatched Creamer/Sugar Sets - $5.00 set
Electric Kettle - $5.00 each


(All rentals are for 24-hours, unless otherwise arranged. Items must be returned washed and packed or there is an additional day’s rental fee. Any lost or broken items will be charged at replacement value.)