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Lovey's Tea Shoppe was opened in 2012 and modeled after our flagship location in San Francisco, Lovejoy's Tea Room.  Smaller and "coastside" casual, Lovey's was considered the "baby sister," while still offering the same delightful afternoon tea experience people have come to expect from a visit to "Lovejoy's."

Along with all businesses small and large, necessity has required us to recreate our business in order to carry on.  As a result, we have developed a variety of packages for you to enjoy the Lovey's tea-time experience at home, at the beach, or on our outdoor patio.  

If Covid-19 has you pondering your next chapter, we continue to operate Lovejoy's Tea Room Licensing for those interested in opening/operating their own tea room. For more information, please visit:

Finally, we were very delighted to have the Lovejoy's brand featured in Tea Time Magazine:



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