To those customers who have enjoyed afternoon tea with us over the years, you will notice that we have evolved from a sit-down tea shoppe to a retail and takeaway storefront. We will continue to provide you with an a variety of tea service options so that you may enjoy a proper tea time at home or on one of our outdoor tables (available on a first come, first served basis).

You will find all offerings on the above Takeaway/Delivery tab.

We are excited to be introducing a variety of new tea-themed packages available for pick up, delivery or shipping throughout the U.S. Go to our "Sending Lovey's" tab & click on the image, or go to:

for details.

In addition to our long-standing partnership with Pacifica's Small Batch Jam Co, we are now also partnering with "In the Attic" and "Vintage Cove" by featuring selected items for sale from their antique and collectibles shops on Palmetto Ave.


Warmly, Gillian & Muna


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