We offer a new selection of tea sandwiches each week (only available on Saturday and Sunday). Our featured selections for  5/30 & 5/31 are: Artichoke Hummus w/Organic Arugula (a house favorite!); Mediterranean Chicken Salad (this delectable chicken salad has basil, roasted red pepper, olives and a tarragon aioli); Branston Pickle Chutney with Sharp Cheddar Cheese (this classic English brown relish has pickled carrots and cauliflower); Deviled Ham (this old-fashioned creamy ham spread has celery and a bit of a kick). Each sandwich is crustless and has 4 quarters. Orders must be in 24 hours in advance.


Free delivery within Pacifica for orders over $50 or $10 for orders of less. If you would like to pick up, we will happily arrange a time to meet you at Lovey's.




Lovey’s Tea Shoppe

4430 Coast Hwy, Pacifica, CA 94044

Call: 650.359.1245


For info on Lovejoy's Licensing:


Available for p/u by PREORDER ONLY Fri, Sat. & Sun between 10-1pm and delivery 1:30-3:30pm

Reservations can be booked either by Phone or by filling out our
Reservation Form

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