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March is Women's History Month and being a woman-owned business, we are taking this opportunity to raise money and awareness! 

Did you know that America's Suffragette movement started with a tea party? In 1848, five key suffragettes sat around a tea table and organized the Seneca Falls Convention, the first women's rights convention in the Western world. Over the next 70 years, tea continued to play a role, and not just energizing the activists.  'Suffrage Teas' were held as fundraisers where women could gather and discuss the cause. In California, two private-label teas - Equality tea in Northern California and “Votes for Women” tea in Southern California - generated revenue for political organizing. These teas were sold at the local grocer, regional fairs and by mail order. Support of the suffrage movement coalesced as anyone could bolster the cause while they shopped for tea.

Much like the original, our 'Equali-tea' blend is a full-bodied, traditional black tea.  All proceeds from the sale of our 'Equali-Tea' Blend and a portion of our March sales will be donated to the League of Women Voters of the US, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization working to protect and expand voting rights and ensure everyone is represented in our democracy.


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